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Unlike other heating systems that burn fuel to create heat, air source heat pumps and ground source heat pumps use naturally occurring heat in the air or ground to create power and heat your home through underfloor heating or radiators.


Air source heat pumps are incredibly resilient, delivering consistent performance even under challenging weather conditions. Contrary to popular belief, these systems can extract heat from the air even when outdoor temperatures plummet. Through advanced technology, air source heat pumps can continue to operate efficiently in a wide range of temperatures, ensuring your home stays warm and cozy even on the coldest winter nights.

Energy Efficiency

Investing in an air source heat pump is a surefire way to tap into unprecedented energy efficiency. These systems utilize the latent heat from the outdoor air – an inexhaustible and renewable resource – to warm your home. By delivering up to three times the energy they consume, air source heat pumps ensure maximum efficiency, significantly reducing your utility bills and making the most out of every energy unit consumed.

Preserving the Environment

By choosing an air source heat pump, you are not just choosing comfort and savings – you are also choosing to protect the environment. Traditional heating systems, like those powered by fossil fuels, contribute significantly to greenhouse gas emissions, a leading cause of climate change. On the other hand, air source heat pumps produce significantly less CO2, making them a much more environmentally friendly alternative.

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Are Heat Pumps Worth the Investment?

Heat pumps' advantages clearly indicate that they represent a smart investment in the long run. Given that you can save on your energy bills (as the mechanism behind the heat pump simply moves the heat from one space to another rather than producing it) and that the government can provide you with financial support, heat pumps are absolutely worth it.
With the new heat and buildings strategy coming up, it is expected to further increase the installations of various heat pumps as a low carbon heating solution.
And, depending on your current situation, the repayment time can be drastically shorter than the lifespan. Making it a very worthy investment. You might regard the large upfront costs, but simultaneously you also need to see the bigger picture. Solar applications plus heat pumps can help you on the path to zero net energy.
The UK government provides various heat pump grants to support the installation of sustainable heating systems. One of the most widely known is the Boiler Upgrade Scheme, introduced in April 2022, which offers £5,000 off the supply and installation of an air source heat pump.
This grant is available for homeowners in England and Wales. There are also Scotland-specific grants, such as the Home Energy Scotland Loan and the Warmer Homes Fund.

air source heat pumps

Renewable Heating FAQs

Is an air source heat pump a noisy addition to the home?

In the past, heat pumps were known for their large size and considerable noise. However, modern advancements have made heat pumps more compact and quieter. They are now comparable in noise level to a standard refrigerator, according to the Energy Saving Trust. The hum you hear is from the fan, which is drawing air into the system. Improper installation might result in more noise, which is why a certified engineer should handle the installation. If your residence is a flat with an outdoor unit, you might notice the noise more.

Can UK homes accommodate air source heat pumps?

Contrary to common misconceptions, heat pumps can be integrated into nearly all property types, from detached houses and high-rise flats to contemporary homes and old farmhouses. There are, however, a few factors to consider. Ideally, you should have some garden space or an external wall where the heat pump can be mounted. Additionally, to maximize the benefits of a heat pump, it's important that your home is well-insulated or has the correct size heat pump to compensate for any heat loss.

Do air source heat pumps work efficiently in cold winters?

Even though heat pumps may be slightly less efficient in cold conditions, they still offer impressive performance. Air source heat pumps typically have an efficiency rate of 350-450%, which means they generate four times the energy they consume. While this efficiency might decrease by around 20% during winter, they still remain three times more efficient than gas boilers.

Are there government grants for heat pumps?

Yes, the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (formerly the Clean Heat Grant), which runs from April 2022 until April 2025, offers homeowners in England and Wales up to £7,500 for a new air source heat pump.

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