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Water underfloor heating is one of the most energy-efficient solutions available and provides a simple, cost-effective solution to spread warmth evenly.

Underfloor Heating Efficiency

Water Underfloor Heating is an energy-efficient and affordable alternative to traditional radiator-based central heating systems. It uses warm water to heat your home in a far more efficient manner than traditional radiators, reducing heating bills and having less impact on the environment.

Underfloor Heating Process

Water Underfloor Heating works by turning the floor area into a giant, efficient and invisible heat emitter. The system is composed of hard wearing and flexible lengths of Pert Al Pert pipe, embedded in the floor, to circulate warm water throughout the property. The warmth from the water is absorbed into the floor substrate, which then radiates into the room above.

Underfloor Heating Benefits

Because underfloor heating covers such a large surface area, the water within the system can have a lower temperature (approx. 40°C) than standard radiators require (approx. 75°C). For this reason, water underfloor heating is around 25% more efficient than radiators and up to 40% more efficient when paired with a heat pump!

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Suitable for most properties

Underfloor heating is highly flexible when installing into your property. From new builds to renovations and extensions, there is a solution to suit! You can install water underfloor heating into one room or multiple rooms, and you can even have underfloor heating on your upper floors.
One of the main benefits of underfloor heating systems is how it feels. Heat emits upwards from the floor, making cold floors feel warm underfoot. UFH systems produce an even warmth, eliminating cold spots and draughts common with radiators.
Underfloor heating systems are hidden and not visible as the pipe work is hidden beneath the floor. This eliminates the need for radiators, freeing up valuable wall space. Water underfloor heating is ideal for open plan living, smaller homes, or rooms where space is limited.
As a low-temperature heating system, underfloor heating uses less energy than traditional high-temperature systems like radiators. This can help you reduce your carbon footprint – even more so when installed alongside a Heatpump!

Underfloor Heating FAQs

Is underfloor heating expensive to run?

Water underfloor heating is typically more economical to run when compared with electric UFH. The reason for this is that a water UFH system is usually supplied with warm water heat by a gas boiler, oil boiler, or an air source heat pump, which is usually cheaper per kilowatt when compared with electricity.

Does underfloor heating work with wooden floors?

Underfloor heating can be used underneath engineered wood or laminate flooring; however, it's best not to use solid wood flooring on top of the underfloor heating. Solid wood flooring can be prone to twisting or warping due to the wood's natural moisture content. If in doubt, give our technical team a call.

Does underfloor heating replace radiators?

Underfloor heating can be used as a primary heating source if the rooms are well insulated, and you have covered a minimum of 80% of the room's total area. For rooms where you cannot achieve the coverage of 80%, such as small kitchens or bathrooms, underfloor heating will be used for floor warming only.

What is the lifespan of underfloor heating / how long does underfloor heating last?

Water underfloor heating pipework is guaranteed for 50 years and again will last a lot longer than this.

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