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An EV home charger is by far the most convenient way to charge your electric vehicle. There is no need to hang around a public charging point for hours or, even worse, queue to use a charger. With the ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars  from 2030, getting a home EV charge point is a great way to future proof your property and get ahead of the curve.

The Right EV Charger

Whether you've recently bought an electric vehicle or you're thinking of making a purchase in the future, we're here to help you choose the
right charger at the right price, complete with hassle free installation and the minimum amount of fuss!
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Charging your EV

We'll walk you through everything from how much it really costs to charge your car at home to the best, fastest, and safest way to charge and maximize the life of your car battery.
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The EV Process

Our simple 3-step process is quick and gives you a recommendation in just a few clicks:

Answer a few questions.
Select your charger.
We'll come and install it.
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EV Installation Cheshire and the surrounding areas

EV Charging for Domestic and Commercial

With so many options available when choosing the right charger, our installers will guide you through the process as, with home charge points, one size doesn't fit all. Our experts give you personalized recommendations, whether you want fast charging or low cost, sleek looks or solar compatibility.
Intelligent charging while you sleep. Wi-Fi connectivity means there are no extra cables making a mess, plus the LEDs on the charger light up when you approach, showing the status of your charge from empty to full.
Our home chargers look great while making it easy to securely charge your electric vehicle at home. Whether it's a plug-in hybrid or fully electric, we've got a charger for you.
All our installations are hassle-free, meaning we'll manage it all for you, including installing the charge point at your home. We also help you set up the app that allows you to monitor and stay on top of your usage.
By offering your staff and visitors the convenience of EV charging at work, you'll be reducing your carbon footprint and supporting your sustainability goals. Plus, you could get up to £14,000 towards the cost with the Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS).
EV solutions for all your business needs. We offer ground-breaking charging and production solutions, expert consultancy, and end-to-end support. With years of experience helping a range of businesses across the UK and Europe, we can make your EV plans a reality.

Electric Vehicle Charging FAQs

How does Electric Vehicle (EV) charging work?

The Electric Vehicle chargers that we install work by providing Fast Charging capability to your home or office, which is up to 4 times quicker than the output from your standard plug sockets. The chargers also provide you with the essential overload and fault current protection built-in, which your standard plug sockets do not provide.

I have three-phase electricity, can I get a three-phase EV charger?

At the moment, we only sell single phase chargers, but we are looking into this as an option for the future.

How long will it take to charge my electric vehicle?

This depends on the charger you choose and the vehicle that you own. As a benchmark, a 7.2kW charger can fully charge:

A Toyota Prius in approx. 1.5 hours
A Nissan Leaf in approx. 5.5 hours
A Tesla Model S in approx. 13 hours

How long is the warranty? Will you register it for me?

Your warranty for the product will be shown on the product details page, as well as in your confirmation emails after you

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