Optimise Your Home Energy: Understanding Battery Storage in the UK


Are you looking to cut down on your electricity bills and make your home more energy efficient? 

Here's how incorporating a battery storage system can change the game for UK homeowners.

Introduction to Battery Storage

Battery storage technology provides a method for homeowners to keep surplus electricity generated by their solar panels. Instead of sending excess power back to the grid, it gets stored for later use. This reduces the need to draw energy from the grid, thus saving on costs.

Smart Tariffs: A Game Changer

Opting for smart tariffs such as the Octopus Go EV tariffs can further enhance your savings. These tariffs are structured to support load shifting, which means you can use electricity at cheaper rates usually available during off-peak hours.

Understanding Tariffs That Maximise Savings

When selecting a tariff for your home battery storage, you should consider:

  • Time-of-use pricing: Charges less during specific hours.
  • Dynamic pricing: Adjusts prices based on real-time market conditions.
  • Export rates: The rates at which you can sell back excess energy to the grid.

 Top Tariffs for Maximum Benefit

1. Intelligent Octopus Flux and Go Tariffs:

   - These tariffs from Octopus Energy make significant reductions in electricity costs possible, especially for EV charging.

2. Agile Octopus Tariff:

   - Offers pricing that changes based on the wholesale energy prices, which can lead to major savings depending on market fluctuation.

Export Tariff Options

- Outgoing Fixed Tariff:

  - This gives a fixed rate for excess energy sent back to the grid, providing a predictable income stream for energy producers.

Benefits of Smart Battery Systems

Smart battery systems can be scheduled to charge during low-cost energy periods and discharge when rates are higher, thus reducing costs effectively. They feature:

- Programmable operations: Set your battery to charge or discharge at predetermined times.

- Integration with solar PV: Maximises the utility of your solar panels.

- Remote management: Control and monitor your system from afar.

Getting Started with a Home Battery System

Consider booking a free consultation to learn more about how a home battery system can meet your specific energy needs. Experts can guide you through system design, installation, and projected costs.

Summing things up

Harnessing the potential of battery storage along with innovative tariff options can greatly enhance energy efficiency and manage costs in your home. From charging your electric vehicle overnight on low-rate tariffs to selling excess energy back to the grid, the benefits of these systems are clear and measurable. This is an investment that not only benefits the wallet but also the environment.

Get started with Woodhouse

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