How Mr. Hale Achieved Peace of Mind with Solar Battery Power


Living in a rural, elevated area often comes with its challenges, and Mr. Hale experienced frequent power cuts, disrupting his essential amenities. Seeking a solution, he embarked on a journey to find a reliable solar installation that would grant him the ability to maintain access to crucial utilities like water and lighting during outages.

Working with Woodhouse Solar, Mr. Hale found the perfect fit with the Smile 5 solar battery by Alpha, boasting an off-grid capability and grid-forming function. Woodhouses' team of skilled technicians seamlessly integrated the Alpha battery with Mr. Hale's water pump and boiler, ensuring uninterrupted access to hot and cold water and lighting during power cuts.

The installation, housed in a converted stable area acting as a shed, proved resilient even during heavy snowfall shortly after its setup. Mr. Hale's satisfaction was evident as he reported that the Alpha battery continued to operate effectively. Since its installation in December, Mr. Hale witnessed a remarkable reduction in his electricity bill. Previously spending £28 per week (£4 per day), he now only pays £14.50 weekly (£2 per day), even during the less effective winter months, with expectations of further savings in the summer.

For Mr. Hale, the true value of the installation lies in the peace of mind it offers. As an older individual, the prospect of being without lighting and running water during power cuts posed significant safety concerns. Knowing that he can rely on the solar-powered system by Alpha, installed by Woodhouse Solar, for essential services enhances his sense of security and happiness in his rural home.

Mr. Hale's positive experience has prompted him to advocate for Alpha batteries and similar installations, already spreading the word to neighbours who might benefit from such a solution. His endorsement underscores the immense benefits of solar PV and Alpha battery installations, particularly their ability to function off-grid, providing essential services and peace of mind, even in remote locations.

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